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I didn’t really feel comfortable with my treatment journey until meeting Dr. Patel. He presented a tailored plan with confidence and certainty. He was so patient, kind, and understanding, that I finally felt like I had a partner in this battle, versus just being a patient.

Joe Hay

Jim Burke Ford Lincoln

Joe was 40 years old when he received news of his testicular cancer. Like many patients, he was caught off guard, unsure of how and where to take care of it. In searching for his treatment center, he visited numerous hospitals, only to feel like he was just another number.

Looking for comfort, he phoned a friend, who directed him to CBCC in Bakersfield. There he met Dr. Patel, and immediately felt relieved, like he found the right place close to home.

Together they carefully planned his medical management, taking into account the speed of his tumor growth. It took him ten weeks of treatment to overcome his health issue.

Fighting Through Treatment

“The thing about fighting cancer is that it’s countercyclical to how you experience being unwell. I may have been feeling worse with the chemo, but I was actually getting better. It gave me an appreciation for the challenges that are faced at that level… Keeping a journal throughout propelled me when things got tricky.”

Joe was not one accustomed to taking any type of medication prior to his illness, and at one point had an allergic reaction. “I remember I had a high fever, and all hands were on deck. The staff stayed late for me, and made sure it was gone before I left. It really shows the level of care they have. If you get 100% of their focus when things are minor, it really gives you confidence when things are major.”

Getting Back to Life

Though Joe was upset at the inconvenience of illness, it ultimately accentuated his values - family and the people he loves. He learned to have more resolve when experiencing life’s obstacles. With the help of CBCC, he was able to get back to his job of leadership with renewed faith.


Testicular Cancer


June 2019

Treating Physician:

Ravi Patel, MD, FACP

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