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Dr. Patel always made me feel like I was the only patient he had. He never rushed an appointment. He remembered all details of my life, and he helped me get it back.

Diane Haddock

It was 2010 when hardship came crashing down on Diane Haddock. She was happily married for 31 years and joyfully planning for her son’s wedding. Within a few months, she lost her mother-in-law and husband, and spent her summer devastated with silence contrasting her formerly bustling home.

That August, during a self examination, she found a lump in her breast. Given all that had transpired, she questioned even fighting it at all. Three months later she decided to take a chance at getting better, and looked for solutions with the help of her brother.

Getting Through Treatment

“Dr. Patel knew my story, all the details. He told me you have children and you have a life. I want you to walk out of here healthy and leave your cancer with me. It was like a switch. All of a sudden I could deal with everything.”

CBCC not only helped Diane defeat her cancer physically, it allowed her to release her anxiety mentally. As her cancer disappeared, she developed the strength to regain control of her course of life.

Getting Back to Life

“The cancer confrontation at CBCC made me realize that I do, in fact, have many blessings. It made me want my life back. I am forever grateful for Dr. Patel. He made such a huge difference in my life.”


Breast Cancer



Treating Physician:

Ravi Patel, MD, FACP

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