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Cindy Hook McMinn

Back in 1998, fitness enthusiast Cindy Hook learned of her melanoma cancer after finding a lump at a typical gynecology check up. Immediately, CBCC came to her mind, and she booked an appointment on the spot. Cindys’s sister had previously gone there to treat her breast cancer, so she did not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Patel when she heard the news.

“I can’t tell you what a blessing Dr. Patel was in our lives. He was so caring, attentive, and encouraging.”

Getting Through Treatment

Cindy refused to give up regular exercise. She took walks every morning and still taught classes, despite her condition and sometimes facing low energy. “I told the doctors there, that if I don’t continue my exercise, I won’t survive.” She knew, however, she had to tread carefully, to avoid over expending herself.

Coming Back to Life

“I have always been happy and positive, but going through this gave me a newfound gratitude for life.” Having experienced skin cancer firsthand, Cindy’s outlook on skincare and sun protection also drastically changed, as she grew more aware of the harm it can bring to one’s health.


Melanoma Cancer



Treating Physician:

Ravi Patel, MD, FACP

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