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I didn’t really feel comfortable with my treatment journey until meeting Dr. Patel. He presented a tailored plan with confidence and certainty. He was so patient, kind, and understanding, that I finally felt like I had a partner in this battle, versus just being a patient.

Carlos Sanchez

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It was life as usual for Carlos Sanchez until he began experiencing stomach issues. He noticed certain foods were bothering him, and later found blood in his stool. This urged him to make some calls and get a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, it was found that he had colon cancer.

“My nephew was diagnosed with colon cancer before. He got in with Dr. Patel and was very pleased, so I wanted to do the same. I knew where to go right away.”

Getting Through Treatment

Treatment was not always easy for Carlos. Some days he would feel burning sensations after his radiation sessions. He was prescribed steroids that helped desensitize the nerves in the area, making it much more bearable to get through.

Carlos was impressed with the quality of the medication. It allowed him to keep working, even if at minimal hours. As a real estate agent, he struck some of his best deals at the same time he was coming into CBCC. “I think God was watching out for me, it was one of my best year’s work wise.”

Coming Back to Life

Carlos had his rectum mostly removed, so he still faces digestive issues from time to time. Overall, he was able to get over the cancer and feels blessed to resume his leisurely activities, such as playing golf, riding horses, and taking regular visits to Mexico.


Colon Cancer



Treating Physician:

Ravi Patel, MD, FACP

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