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Everyone at CBCC is so compassionate. I had to stop my treatment temporarily because of a heart problem but the nurses and the doctors still called me regularly to check up on me.

Amy Padilla

Amy’s discovery of breast cancer occurred during a regular check up. After a lump was found she was sent for a mammogram, and needle biopsy, which showed stage three breast cancer. Amy was shocked, considering she worked hard to take good care of her health and had no cancer records in her background.

Getting Through Treatment

Amy’s action plan consisted of surgery, chemo and radiation. With a family history of heart vulnerabilities, her battle was slightly tumultuous. She faced a congestive heart issue that caused her to take a break and space out her radiation sessions. “CBCC continuously called me afterhours to check in, they really kept a close eye on me.”

Amy stayed near to the CBCC staff and to her close-knit family during her medical ride. She was fatigued and her active life was compromised temporarily, but she chose to stay positive and keep her faith, knowing there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Coming Back to Life

After a two year break to combat the malignancy, Amy prides herself on being back to nutritionally sound. She was able to return to running 5ks and embracing challenging hikes. By the time she became pregnant with her son, she was back in full force.

Ten years later, she still comes in to see the friendly faces at CBCC. “I can’t say enough about them, they are such kind people.” She has befriended other cancer survivors and continues to keep in touch with those who shared her journey.


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