Pain management and treatment for cancer patients at CBCC

Treating the Whole Patient with an Integrative Approach to Pain Management.

Pain is a complex medical problem that can have profound effects on your physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to help you decrease your level of pain and suffering, return to your maximum level of functioning, and restore your quality of life.

At CBCC, we know that managing pain is critical to cancer patients’ quality of life and ability to continue treatment.

Pain management physicians are essential players on a cancer patient’s care team. Our pain management team is staffed by physicians and other clinicians trained in cancer care. The CBCC integrated approach to treating the whole patient includes ongoing dialogue with patients and their care teams to ensure therapies are working as intended.

Individualized treatment plan: The treatment plan developed by the pain management team will be specially tailored to your condition, degree of pain, your needs and your personal objectives. Your treatment plan may include a single approach, or a combination of different types of therapies.

Pain management physicians may recommend:

  • Prescription and non-prescription pain medications
  • Psychological services
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Special procedures such as nerve blocks
  • Specialized therapies such as acupuncture or hypnosis
  • Rehabilitation therapies

Duration of care: The duration of the treatment plan will vary from patient to patient, depending on the particular complexity and combination of treatments prescribed.

Throughout the duration of your treatment pain management specialists remain in contact with your primary physician to keep him/her apprised of your progress.

At CBCC, we are dedicated to understanding the pain you are experiencing. We have several options to treat the pain and will match the treatment to your specific circumstances. It is important that you know that you do not have to live with pain.

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