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We’re proud of our cancer journeys. We’re not scared. If it comes back we will do whatever we it takes to fight it, with the help of CBCC.

Stuart Collins

Stuart was no stranger to CBCC. Prior to the onset of his prostate cancer, his wife, Joan, was battling breast cancer at the facility. He was convinced to continue with CBCC because of its gracious atmosphere.

As a former teacher, he was pleased to see some of his old students working at CBCC, and going to be assisting with his treatment. The friendly faces provided him warmth and strength to get through it.

Getting Through Treatment

To resolve his non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, he came in to see Dr. Kanamori in 2006, who treated him with Rituxan, a common medication to stop growth of the cells.

Again in 2017, Stuart came in to treat his prostate cancer with Dr. Desai. This particular procedure took six weeks of radiation therapy.

“Life didn’t change much for me when I was getting cured, I just kept on going as usual. And I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to kick the cancer out!”

Getting Back to Life

Having experienced malignancies several times, the Collins family is grateful for CBCC. They both have been cancer free for three years now but are realistic and prepared to face it again should it return.

“We are proud of our cancer journeys, we are not scared. If it comes back we will do whatever we need to do to fight it, with the help of CBCC.”


Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma; Prostate


2006; 2017

Treating Physician:

David Kanamori, MD; Ajay Desai, MD

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