Tuesday24 October 2017

Patient Videos

Carrie Johnson

carrie johnson

Cherie Shoemake

cherie shoemake

Ken & Doris Kroeker


Our Patients say it best. Inspiration from our patients.

Cindy M.
I tell friends go directly to CBCC, they’ll save your life.
Vickie M.
Having CBCC in our community is truly wonderful.
Alissa T
I am a Breast Cancer Survivor
Jack S.
I was at peace with my diagnosis.
Connie Flanagan
The CBCC staff helped make my fears disappear.
When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I knew CBCC was the best place to go.
Sean T.
They actually cared as much about me as a person as they did about curing the cancer.
Janet V.
I am on a trail that is mine to travel.
Bob R.
Don't ever give up - miracles do happen.
Jacqui Carson
CBCC gave me my life back.
Dr. Bruce Rimmer
It’s really touching to see how much people really care.
Jan S.
Faith and Science are Working Together
Tom W.
There is always hope.
Aimee B.
I'm back to doing what I love.
Aimee Shaw
As a patient, I've learned what I'm truly capable of.