Tuesday24 October 2017

The CBCC CyberKnife Center

CBCC is proud to offer a revolutionary new treatment for inoperable or surgically complex benign and malignant tumors—the CyberKnife® System, located on the CBCC campus in our free-standing CyberKnife Center.

The CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System was the first in Kern County, and one of only 150 worldwide. Pain-free, non-surgical, and given on an out-patient basis, the CyberKnife can deliver targeted radiation therapy to a tumor located anywhere in the body from virtually unlimited positions.

What Is Different About CyberKnife?

The CyberKnife Sytem's advantages include:

  • The ability to treat tumors anywhere in the body
  • Continual tracking, detection and correction for tumor and patient movement throughout the treatment
  • Delivering high-dose radiation with sub-millimeter accuracy, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Treating tumors from virtually unlimited directions using flexible robotic mobility
  • Providing an option for patients diagnosed with inoperable or surgically complex tumors
  • Improving the patient's quality of life during and after treatment
  • Non-invasive alternative to surgery that can be completed in as few as one to five visits
  • Outpatient, pain-free procedure with little or no recovery time or side effects
  • Allows for an immediate return to normal activities
  • Ability to re-irradiate previously treated sites

Please call CBCC at (661) 616-1651 for more information.