Monday23 October 2017



Everyday we see the incredible effects of modern cancer treatments. Conventional treatments are literally saving lives every day. Yet we also know cancer treatment can put a strain on the body. Integrated Oncology looks to maintain a healthy balance in the body. Through the use of recommended supplements and nutrition education, patients are able to maintain a stronger body, which is a far more formable defense against cancer.

It is universally accepted that the mind and the emotions have a powerful influence on the body. Cancer treatment can be long and arduous. Having the tools to maintain a healthy attitude is vitally important. Through our Integrated Oncology Department, patients learn techniques for controlling their mind and thus their emotions. They are taught and encourage to incorporate meditation, Ti-Chi, yoga and a number of other effective mind/body techniques.

Dr. John Glaspy, director of the Women's Cancers Program at UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center says, 'Combining conventional and alternative healing techniques is not a lion and a lamb relationship; it is two lions working in cooperation with each other for the benefit of the patient."