Tuesday24 October 2017

integrated oncology services


Everyone is different. Every person responds differently to cancer treatment and thus we develop a customized Integrated Oncology treatment plan based on the patients cancer, their current physical and psychological needs.

The Services available include

• Nutrition
• Naturopath
• Ayurveda
• Psychological Services
    • Counseling
    • Classes such a s Self Expression, Freedom from the Past
• Art
• Mind/Body Education
   • Wellness education
   • Stress reduction classes
• Meditation
• Yoga
• Ti-Chi
• Heart Centered Healing
• Biofeedback

Dr. Naina Patel who heads the CBCC Department for Integrated Oncology says, "People are more than their diagnosis. Cancer certainly doesn't define them. Our Integrated Oncology Center brings together the best therapies and traditions in the world to empower and transform the way the individual in treatment sees their situation."