Tuesday24 October 2017

integrated oncology

What is Integrated Oncology?

Cancer can change everything. Its reach extends beyond the individual and touches lives of loved ones, friends, and co-workers. It not only affects one physically, it can devastating emotionally as well. At CBCC we are committed to treating the whole person. We believe a fully integrated treatment plan which incorporates the entire being—body, mind and soul is by far the most effective approach.

This system is a synergetic combination of the best of Western medicine and the ancient traditions of the East. It is known as Integrated Medicine and at CBCC we have created a dedicated Integrated Oncology Department.

Western medicine is known throughout the world for its leadership and innovation in the areas of research and technology protocols to treat illness—including cancer. The East is known for its emphasis on a more holistic approach including nutrition, herbal therapies, and mind/body medicine.

These two seemly different approaches were once considered to be competing strategies. However, they are now seen as complementary. In fact approximately 80% of individuals with cancer seek alternative therapies.