Tuesday24 October 2017

Talking with Your Cancer Team

Every patient is different. Some people want to know every detail about their case. Others just want the basics. And, of course, most people fall somewhere in the middle. At CBCC, you are a vital part of the treatment team. It is important that you have a good relationship with your physicians and clinical staff. We encourage you to communicate what you want and what you are feeling along the way.

Every cancer patient has a different list of questions. You may want to spend some time discussing this with loved ones to determine what it is that you all need to know. And then ask your treatment team.

Here are some basic questions to help get you started thinking about your specific questions.

What is happening to me?

What type of cancer do I have?

What are the treatment options?

What treatment do you recommend? And why?

What are the risks/side effects of treatment?

What is the best possible outcome?

How long will treatment last?

Will I be able to continue my activities?

Will I still be able to perform my functions at home/work?

How will I feel during treatment?